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  Why Delta Delta Delta at SU?

1888 Sarah Ida Shaw, Tri Deltas Founder quote

Bid Day 2011

Tri Delta    Syracuse University    Bid Day 2011

Joining a sorority is the opportunity to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The choice of Tri Delta membership is the first step on this exciting new adventure. Tri Delta has a tradition of friendship, personal and academic support, visionary leadership, and overall excellence. Tri Delta membership has many opportunities during the time you are in college and alumnae membership after college offers networking opportunities wherever you go.

To join Tri Delta you must go through sorority recruitment. Recruitment can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. The information in the FAQs section should help you better understand the process and why choosing Tri Delta can provide lifetime opportunities for you.

Tri Delta offers you membership in a group of true, supportive, distinctive women to be your friends and to assist you throughout your life.

Tri Delta’s principles are:

  • Truth in all we do
  • Self-sacrifice in providing leadership in our community and to others
  • Friendship and lifetime assistance to our members

We sincerely believe in our founders’ directives that Tri Delta should look to a woman’s inner self to locate our potential members. There is not one type of girl in Tri Delta. Scholars, athletes, campus leaders, artists, and musicians all call Tri Delta their home.

The bond of friendship you share with your Tri Delta sisters in college means always having someone to talk to, to walk to class with, to study with, to drive to the mall with, to go on Spring break with, to discuss life with, as you continue on your journey. These women will be your truest friends you will choose to keep for life. After you graduate, your Tri Delta sisterhood expands to include a loving supportive circle of true friends bound together in all that is Tri Delta.

Social Development
Tri Delta offers an immediate opportunity to help you develop socially and creates entrances to campus organizations. The social aspects of Tri Delta membership include formal dances, fraternity mixers, semi-formals, or just going to M Street or Armory Square. It also includes "Deltas Only" events, developing interviewing skills, and participation in campus organizations.

Tri Delta traditions strengthen the bonds of sisterhood by sharing the same events in all chapters and bringing together area alumnae and collegiate members. You will participate in

  • Candle Lighting ceremonies
  • Founders Day ceremonies
  • Pansy Brunches
  • Mom and Daughter events
  • Sophomore Teas
  • Senior Banquets
These events provide an opportunity to share experiences with Tri Deltas of all ages from all collegiate chapters joining together to celebrate our rituals and traditions.

Member Development
A successful life after college requires not only academic achievement, but also personal development. College provides an opportunity to encounter new people, new ideas, and new experiences so you can develop into your own being. Tri Delta’s purpose in member development is to generate meaningful conversations between sisters and to provide group activities that enlighten each member and the chapter. These activities will include community service, philanthropic events, career events, and specialized group presentations.

Unselfish Leadership
Tri Delta provides opportunities for its members to develop leadership skills in a supportive environment. Each collegiate chapter is self-governed by chapter members. Officers include members responsible for Chapter Operations ( Chapter President and the Executive Board) to finance, member development, social events, and music, art, and alumnae relations, among others. You will have the opportunity to assume leadership roles from your very first day of membership through to your senior year. This opportunity will help you develop the leadership skills needed in your professional and civic life after college.

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